Holan Shows Potential; Wacipi Misses Her Man

Any day that I get to spend with the wolves is a day etched forever in my memory.  There is never a day that is boring or lackluster.  For example, I spent Saturday, November 10, 2012, at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.  The day was FULL of fun events!

Per usual, I picked up Donna, as she lives about halfway between me and the High Desert.  We spend the time chatting and catching up on all the strange events in our lives.  It certainly makes the drive seem much faster!

So … cold?  COLD!!!!!!!  And windy.  It was in the 80s and 90s earlier in the week, but was hovering in the low 50s with a cutting wind on Saturday.  But who cares?

A little hunkering down in the jackets, hands stuffed into pockets, and all was well.  Until hands had to come out of pockets to pet wolves!

There were a couple of lovely groups in the late morning/early afternoon.  Holan and Goyathlay were in the courtyard running around, generally acting like the eight-month-olds they are.  Holan grabbed one man’s water bottle and led us on a merry chase!

One of the guys sat on the picnic table and Holan followed him right up, posing for pictures and taking snacks quite delicately!  Wow!  What a pleasure to see my “little man” acting all grown up!  Of course, this lasted for about ten seconds before he was off chasing Goyathlay again.

Holan nicely taking a snack from a visitor.

Okay, yes, there are branches in the way!  It was really windy.  No matter what I did, there was this one branch that kept Photobombing my shot.  Oh well!

When Donna and I go to WMS, we always stop at Winco for some woofie treats and a little lunchy-lunch for ourselves.  This day we went with mini white pumpkins, two for each wolf.  The wolves LOVE pumpkins!  It is insane to watch them eat these little gourds.  Most of them just hold the pumpkins between their paws and use that enormous jaw pressure to pulverize the food.  Below is Goyathlay showing how it is done.

Goyathlay destroying his pumpkin

On the other hand, Holan was attempting to pick his pumpkin up by the teeny tiny stem!  He would balance it between his paws, put it on a rock, open his mouth just a little, get a hold of the stem, and lift it!

Holan and His Pumpkin

This is one of the things I love about wolves.  Just when you think you have seen it all … WA-CHANG … something new and entertaining happens!

Istas, our beloved, is still in the “infirmary” on the front porch.  He is getting super special treatment, including insulin shots and a special diet.  He let me love up on him a little bit, but he really only has eyes for Mama (Tonya).

Istas in the Infirmary

Not my best photograph, but … well … you can see that he is attentive and looking as gorgeous as ever, if a few pounds lighter.

When I made the rounds to say good-night, I stopped to give Wacipi some special attention.  I didn’t know, but Tonya was taking Istas for a little walk-about.  Wacipi started whining, looking longingly toward the front of the property.  When Istas went out of view, Wacipi started to howl.

Usually when one wolf starts howling, they all pitch in.  Not this time.  This was Wacipi’s “grieving” howl.  The other wolves were respectful of her needs.  She so misses her man!  To have my hand in her ruff while she howled was amazing.  The deep vibration in her chest … wow.

Wacipi and Istas Sweetness

All in all, a very good day.  All the visitors were really nice.  Tonya was in rare form with the stories and laughs.  We were all bundled up for the cold, but had enough range of motion to give hugs and squeezes at the end of the day!

Do you want to visit Wolf Mountain Sanctuary?  Call 760-248-7818 or visit our website at http://www.wolfmountain.com.  Also check out our Facebook page at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary – Official Page.

Until next time, happy howls!


  1. Donna Pixley said,

    November 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    It was a lovely day! Shanta was in an especially kissy mood, even Wakinyan gave me a smooch, which is rare. So did Blue – that was a surprise. Wanagi wanted attention, but Yawto was being standoffish – that’s a switch. Genny was jumping, as usual. Wana and Denali want pets and rubs, but we have to beware of Takaani. Segoni was the gentleman as he always is. Watched him bury his pumpkin, silly boy. One of the boys, got ahold of 3Feathers flute, and proudly carried it around the compound.
    Each and every one is special, different from the rest. Each visit is vastly entertaining.
    Come visit our pack, you won’t ever forget it.

  2. Kim gerdes said,

    November 12, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    I love the wolves they are beautiful creatures. I would love to come spend some time with them.it would be a dream come true for me.

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