WMS Boycotts “The Grey” and Changes a Few Minds!

WMS staff and friends went to the Cinemark Movie Theater on Bear Valley Road in Apple Valley CA to boycott the movie “The Grey.”

The reason for the boycott is simple.  The storyline of “The Grey” is erroneous and portrays wolves as vicious man-killers.  The CGI made the wolves look like giant robo-wolves.  For anyone unfamiliar with wolves, they might think that this is an accurate depiction of these animals.

Further, it has become known that the director, Mr. Carnahan, had his cast and crew eat wolf meat/jerky.  It is said that 4 wolves were killed, 2 used for carcasses in the movie and 2 slaughtered for their meat (I am currently unable to complete back up that claim, but will update this post as I find reliable information).  According to reports, the wolf meat made most of the cast and crew sick.  Yet Liam Neeson is on record as saying that he liked the wolf meat, equating it with chicken, albeit more gamey.

It is unbelievable, in this day and age, that anyone would consume wolf meat.  There is a reason why we do not eat the meat of a predator.  Predators, including human beings, mostly eat animals that graze.  The grazing makes for good, nutritious meat.  The grazers (elk, cattle, deer, etc.) are able to digest grass, which we cannot, and pass on nutrients that we need.  The meat of a predator is not nutritious to us … hence why we do not usually eat the meat of bears, lions, cougars, and wolves (among other predators).

So, the very idea that Liam Neeson is on record that he ate wolf meat and compared it with gamey chicken is reprehensible.  It is just the sort of information anti-wolf folks will take and use in their campaign to destroy all wolves.

Add to that the fictitious storyline of man-killing wolves who are gigantic and vicious … well, you have a cauldron of misinformation that is damaging to the already precarious political and social environment concerning wolves.

Tonya, Danna, and others braved the cold and long day to enlighten a few people about wolves and convinced them to NOT see the movie!  Every person who choose a different movie or learned something important about wolves … thank you.

PS I know Danna took photos of the boycott, but I have not yet received permission from her to put those photos in this blog.  Once I do, I will add them!


  1. January 28, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Permission granted, these pics are WMS pics and feel free to post and share to help the cause!!!!


  2. Scarlet Wolfstar said,

    June 30, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    It’s sick that people CONSUME wolf meat.It should be against the law.

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