Blue is Recovering from Eye Surgery!

Mr. Boo Blue (that’s what I call him!) had surgery on October 12, 2011.  Blue has suffered for years with glaucoma in his left eye.  The swelling has waxed and waned over time, but it became obvious that the best thing to do was to have the eye removed.  Tonya originally told the vet would be able to do an eye transplant from a dog.  While that would have been groovy, the surgery, the recovery, and the possibility of transplant-rejection made that decision less appealing.

Blue, feisty big man, was not excited about being muzzled and put into the van.  Wrestling an unwilling 180 pound wolf into a van means that the human beings sometimes get in the way of flailing paws!  Tonya, Stephanie, Bob, and Michael each have some bruises to proudly show for their efforts.

The surgery was a great success!  The vet was concerned that there might be a mass behind the eye, but, blessed be, no mass was found.  The eye has been sent to the pathologist for testing just to make sure there isn’t anything else we need to address.

When Blue came home, he was not interested in being sequestered on the front porch (the usual “hospital” spot) and wanted to “get home” to his girl, Niwah.  Tonya described Niwah as being very excited to see Blue, quivering and sniffing him.  According to Tonya, Niwah was saying, “Where have you been?  What were you doing?  You smell funny.  I’m glad you are home.”  Nonplussed, Blue walked over to the water tub and laid down on the cool dirt.

Tonya, Stephanie, Bob, and everyone else will be keeping their attention on Blue during his recovery, but we believe that he will come through with flying colors.  We can only imagine what a relief it was for him to have the eye removed, as it was caused pressure.

The veterinary surgeon did the surgery for FREE (I will get the vet’s name for proper praise)!!  While WMS saved a lot of money because of this vet’s generosity, the animal hospital did charge a $1000 facility fee.  Needless to say, WMS needs donations from our friends to help pay this bill … please visit and click on the Donate page to set up a one-time or recurring donation through PayPal.

As a side note, on the way to and from the animal hospital, Tonya’s van was leaking gas.  She thinks her mechanic fixed the problem perhaps a fuel line leak), but Tonya is really hoping that someone out there has a large van (like an Econoline or Caravan) to donate to WMS for wolf transport.  If you have a van, small bus, or school bus that you would like to donate, please contact Tonya at 760-248-7818.

Tonya would like to thank the vet surgeon, the staff at the animal hospital, and all of you wonderful supporters.  It definitely helps to have so many people concerned about Blue and the other wolves.  Times are hard right now, but Tonya knows she can always rely on you to help her help the wolves.

A special big howl from Blue!  Come visit our One-Eyed Captain Blue the Pirate Wolf soon!


  1. Donna said,

    October 13, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Now, if we could just get him to wear an eye patch!

  2. DaybreaksDawn said,

    October 16, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Poor Niwah probably thought Blue was not going to return from his vet visit, like so many of the others. I am glad he is doing okay. He’s such a funny dude.

  3. Sara Michael said,

    November 23, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    So glad to hear/read about the successful eye surgery… I think of you and your clan often, hoping all is well. I moved recently (not far, only three blocks) and came upon the original Cal State Fullerton newspaper article 2004. I am sending it to you this day.

    Take care and know that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Ah ho, for all my relation. peace and light, Sara Michael

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